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MCN 3.0 is Now Live!

by Ramus (MCN News)

Celebrating the new year right!

MCN 3.0 (the 3rd rendition of MCN) is now live and active.


Not all the bugs & kinks are worked out yet so if you find anything funky post it in the forum.

Also, not all the customs content is reloaded. That will be comming along as time allows.


Thanks to everyone for your patience.

-- Ramus


by Ramus (MCN News)
Don't Panic... this is not a hack or a crash. 

All posting, registration & new site content has been suspended.

Lock Down

We are in the process of updating MCN to a Newer, Faster, More User Friendly Customization Community.  All site information (forums, customs, templates, etc will still be available for your viewing pleasure.

During this update all current forum and user databases will be transferred so as not to disrupt our long standing community.

Please be patient during this process.  News will be passed on as available.

STAFF - Check the Staff Lounge for updates & instructions.

Thank you,
-- Ramus

August Contest 'Cartoon Craze' Winner

by armothe

Votes have been tallied. Calculators have been... calculated... pictures have been... seen..

....And the winner of MCN's August contest - 20th Century 'Toons is. . .

                                    by MCN customizer - Berger.

2nd Place: TIE!  Marvin the Martian by JWalkerDaffy Duck by Captain Bulldog
3rd Place: Eva Unit -1 by Yeroc

All of our contestants receive an Honorable Mention. This was a close one and judging was no easy task.
The MCN is proud of all of you and happy to have gotten such a wonderful turnout.

Official Contest Winner Announcement
Contest Entries

Be on the look out for MCN's next contest, coming very, very soon.

Everyone has Cartoon Craze this August!

by Daredevil

MCN is Proud to announce another contest!

Starting this August we ask you to create any cartoon which aired from 1900-2000!

Head over to the Contest page to find out more!

And the winner of the Movie Madness Contest is.......

by Daredevil
sithlordreturns Borg Drone from the 1996 movie Star Trek: First Contact!

Please see your PM inbox on how to claim your prize.

Our two Runners Up were

2nd place : Droid's Tom Servo from MST3K.
3rd place : yeroc's Alien from the Alien film franchise.

Notice: Brickshelf Will Not Be Shutting Down

by Pharazon (Community)

Our pillar of the community has been resurrected! The outpouring of support from the community had the desired effect. Brickshelf will remain free and functional for us and will now offer Featured Accounts. Good news for us all! Checkout for more detail and developments.

Indiana Jones

by Redbean (MCN News)

From the website of Joe Meno, the kind gentleman who brought us the awsome BrickJournal, we get this:

Aside from the fleshtone (which is already expected), we can't complain much, can we?


Heigh ho, heigh ho. To make your troubles go...

by Redbean (Contruction Bricks)

Apparently, our prayers have been heard:

So what if the goblin swords are a little outlandish, we're finally getting dwarves!! A goldmine to fantasy fans indeed even if the set seems more like an ironmine than a goldmine. Join our discussion of the set here.


Its Movie Madness this June!

by Daredevil

MCN is very proud to announce a new contest.

It's Movie Madness!

So grab your popcorn and hop over to the Contest Page to find out more!

Finally Fixed - Draw plus TUTORIAL

by Daredevil (Customization)
Thanks to one of our members, anugrah nagging me ;)
I finally got round to updating my tutorial with pictures. I must say sorry for the wait. I hope its worth it!

-Draw Plus Tutorial-